Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning

Garofalo Law Group strives to educate our clients about the importance of Medicaid Planning. Simply, it is another tool you can use to better plan for you and your family’s future. Many people over the age of 65 will need long-term care. Yet, this type of care can be expensive and results in families needlessly spending down their assets.

Our office has a mission to provide our clients with vital knowledge on how to navigate the complicated Medicaid Process.

Due to the time required to review a Medicaid application, the cost for care, and the difficulty to appeal, we urge our clients to consider adding a Medicaid Plan to their Estate Plan regardless of age. With this type of plan in place, you will be prepared long before you need to act.

Although the Medicaid process is complex, hiring our firm will ensure that the planning is not.

Our attorneys can assist in your Medicaid Planning to ensure the best likelihood of acceptance into the program without having to spend down your hard-earned assets. There are countless reasons to engage in Medicaid Planning, but above all our firm wants to assist you in preserving your assets while ensuring the protection of your family.